Thursday, August 11, 2005

Kimberly Stewart Bites her Tongue...

If you'll remember not to long ago, Kimverly Stewart, daughter of musician Rod Stewart, made some not so nice comments about Jennifer Aniston. "I like her, 'cause she’s, you know, homely. She obviously has to have something else. It’s not like she’s gorgeous or anything." A lot of nerve from the girl who bared her bum falling off a motorcycle on camera and in front of numerous photographers, in a rather humiliating situation. But hey, she's apologized for what she said, even though Aniston has claimed it 'ruined' her night, Stewart has sent her flowers and a note apologizing for her nastily unnecessary comments. At least Stewart made a gesture, but I have to admit, apologies aside, Stewart has a lot of nerve talking about anyone's gorgeousness when she has yet to achieve the plethora of fans who are dedicated to her for her talent and good looks, like Aniston has. But hey, I won't hold a grudge, let's move on...

Friday, August 05, 2005

Mary Kate Olse, Smokin' It Up...

So, Mary Kate smokes. What's the big deal? Well many of her fans are expressing concern that it's making it worse for her health stating that she should be concentrating on her recovery from anorexia. I think these fans are just a little to overly involved in the lives of their favorite celebs. Mary Kate is 19 yrs. old, I don't think her smoking is really going to have an effect on her anorexia, she's got a good support system around her, they'll let her know when she's gotta get some help again. She's young, she wants to have fun and experiment, if smoking is it then let her do it, it's no one's business. Besides, some of the most prominent celebrities smoke, i.e. Jennifer Aniston. Smoking obviously isn't the most healthy habit but if she's going to do it then she's going to do it. People get so shocked when they find that their most favorite celebrity smokes, if you all recall we went through this with Britney Spears a few years ago, but don't forget they're just people like you and me. Just because they're famous doesn't mean they shouldn't do certain things.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Jennifer in the Pitts

Now, I'm not the most sensitive person in the world, but you can't deny Jennifer Aniston a little pity. Not long after filing from divorce from husband Brad Pitt, he's seen parading around the world with Angelina Jolie. Now normally, it might not be as big a deal but the fact that Ms. Jolie is speculated as being part of the cause for the end of their marriage is just a tad on the insensitive side for Mr. Pitt's part. I'm sure he knows what is being said and he should know that his soon to be ex-wife is hurting, but he should be doing what he can to at least not flaunt it. It's as if he's just throwing it in her face saying 'hey, we may not have done anything while we were together but we're doing something now'... Like Aniston said in her Vanity Fair interview, he must have a sensitivy chip missing.

I know men don't necessarily understand everything about emotions but come on, when you're with someone for 7 years the least you could do is show some sympathy, especially in the business of entertainment. Jennifer Aniston might or might not want pity from people but just knowing that there are people out there in support of her won't hurt.

Though Aniston has said that she does not believe that Pitt cheated on her, it still can't be easy to deal with. Pitt hasn't admitted to the status of his relationship with Jolie, but for Jennifer Aniston, the pain is obviously as real as if he did admit to having a romantic relationship with her. For those of you trying to decide whose side to be on, I'm more inclined to be on the side of Aniston. Not that I don't love Jolie and Pitt and their great humanitarian efforts, I just know all to well the pain and humiliation Aniston must be going through and feel a sense of solidarity with the situation.


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